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1. The official(s) will be in charge of the games at all times from the time they arrive until they depart.

2. Officials will review ground rules prior to the start of the game with the team manager/ captain.

3. In all disputes, ONLY the coach or the captain will be allowed to discuss any rule with the official(s) and only when timeis called.

4. Game officials are instructed that during the course of the game, comments about judgment calls are not permitted. Unsportsmanlike penalties are to be invoked immediately when this situation occurs.



1. All teams must be ready to play at their scheduled time.

2. If a team does not have at least 4 players ready to play, they will have a 7 minute grace period before calling a forfeit.

3. The official start time of the game will be given to the scorekeeper/ official at the start of the game.



1. There will be a single elimination tournament at the end of the regular season. Only the top 5 teams will make the playoffs.

2. Playoff seed will be determined by final standings.



Championship 1st place 

Championship MVP

Regular Session MVP 


1. Teams must have at least 4 players to start. They may play with only 4 players for the entire game if necessary.


2. All games will consist of two 20 - minute halves.


3. In case of overtime, there will be three-minute periods until one team is the winner.


4. There will be a three-minute rest period between halves.


5. Each team will be allowed a minimum of five minutes to warm up, regardless of time.


6. The clock will stop in the following situations:

  • Time Outs

  • Officials timeout

  • The last 2 minutes of the 2nd half when there is a whistle blown.


7. If, in the opinion of the officials, the result of the game is no longer in doubt and the play is becoming “dangerous”, the officials may end the game as long as the time is less than 1 minute remaining in the game.


8. Each team is allocated two timeouts per half and one timeout per overtime period. (Timeouts DO NOT carry over)


9. Anytime a forfeit occurs the teams may use the gym until 10 minutes before the next game. (Exception: If the last game of the night is forfeited teams must leave the gym immediately.) Officials will not work forfeited games.


10. Teams must furnish their own practice ball. They will NOT be allowed to use the game ball.


11. Jump Balls - At the beginning of each game there will be a jump ball. This will be the only jump ball during regulation playing time. If there is an overtime period, there will be a jump ball to start the overtime. After the initial jump ball, possession alternates between the teams on any tie-ups or held balls. To begin the second half the ball goes to the team who is due possession.



1. Players will be allowed 6 personal fouls. On the 6th foul called they will be removed from the game. 

  • On the seventh team foul, teams will be shooting 1&1.

  • On the tenth team foul, teams will shoot 

2. Technical fouls:

  • - Two technical fouls on any results in an ejection.

  • - 4 total technical fouls resultin removal/suspensionfrom all adult sports for a period of 1 year.

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