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HER TIME TO PLAY is a national initiative that is dedicated to championing change on behalf of girls and women and providing them with ways to connect, collaborate, and actively engage with one another through the game of basketball.

Omaha Aces girls team 

Goals and Expectations

The Girls Basketball Program is dedicated to serving the youth of the inner city of Omaha by supporting their academic and athletic goals. The following guide our program:

  • To use basketball as a platform to teach life lessons, character development, leadership, handle adversity and work in a team setting. We believe that these disciplines can be used on and off the court and we take every opportunity to instil them into our athletes.

  • To develop a basketball program that is accessible to athletes who desire to execute excellence. We aim to break down the silos created by financial situations, abilities, and demographics in order to give every athlete an opportunity to be successful on/off the court.

  • To improve basketball skills. We want our athletes to be the best athletes they can be. This requires a lot of practice, training, and working on weaknesses. We will push them to work harder than they want to.

  • To develop quality individuals who value integrity, fairness, responsibility, and maturity. We expect our athletes to approach every practice and game with class. This means demonstrating good sportsmanship and proper basketball etiquette by respecting the opposing players, coaches, and officials.



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